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Join the most ambitious companies in the world leveraging Manifest as a growth hacking platform.
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Why do you need Manifest?

Manifest helps people monetise their digital profiles by letting them create quality content that their followers will want to see and share, turning them into micro-influencers. Brands can then use these new networks to influence people at a much more word of mouth level as these networks are relatively targeted and have higher engagement, compared to large influencers.
In many cases, UGC can reflect the brand’s ideology, increase the level of trust and convince their target audience to make the necessary purchase decision.

The leading companies use all 3 marketing formats to achieve the best results

Manifest: personal recommendations
Manifest: personal recommendations
Native brand content
Native brand content
Influencer Marketing
Professional Influencers
Explore synergies between them or use mnfst as a standalone marketing channel.

Case studies

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By promoting the message that “Safe is the new sexy”, a large brand can help change people's minds about passenger safety.
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Our unique advantages we are proud of

Massive reach. Thousands of UGC per day.
High engagement
Our engagement rates range from 5% to 30%.
Effective pricing
Our pricing is up to 95% more cost efficient than traditional influencer marketing.
Technology led
Rewards are calculated by algorithms, moderation is controlled by AI and rewards are distributed automatically upon task completion.
The best recommendations
The best recommendation is a friend’s suggestion. We increase loyalty and retention.
Various communication formats
Different ways of interacting with hundreds of thousands of your customers.

Reward influencers and generate more sales

Rewards in the form of cash
Cash rewards
Rewards in the form of bonuses
Bonus rewards
For example, barcode for free coffee
A coupon for free coffee
QR code for a free subscription
QR code for a free subscription
Promocode for a discount on an order
Promocode for a discount on an order
Or anything else
Or anything else
Rewarding Manifest users is a convenient way to reach your sales/marketing goals effectively.

Speed up your workflow with AI technology

Account moderation
Step 1
Account moderation
Only verified accounts get an opportunity to participate in branded campaigns.
Photo and creative moderation
Step 2
Photo and creative moderation
To ensure high quality of UGC, the user’s content creation process is guided by AI
Acceptance of published Manifest
Step 3
Accepting a published Manifest
Additional moderation prevents unsafe content from being published.
Manifest's technology makes it possible to run social referral marketing at an unprecedented scale. It automates every single aspect of it. Content creation, moderation, billing, scoring — everything is done by a machine.

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