MNFST x Tele2
Tele2 is a well-known Russian telecommunications company that is rapidly increasing its market share on the domestic market, it provides wireless services to more than 46 million subscribers, that makes it the fastest-growing provider in Russia.
Manifest use cases and KPIs
1. Stay at home promotion
UGC pieces: 3,047
Views: 2,021,643
Duration: 2 days

2. Sustainability initiative awareness
UGC pieces: 5,274
Views: 2,726,542
Duration: 3 weeks

3. Unique offer promotion
UGC pieces: 646
Views: 3,130,182
Duration: 9 days

Key takeaways
The client has been using us in their communications for the last 3 months
We are constantly over-achieving their targets, regardless of whether the target is to generate Brand Awareness/Reach or conversions
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