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Yango Deli Vivid Revolut Nestle Bolt X5 Retail Group

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How to start earning rewards with Manifest?

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Download the app

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Step 2

Connect to your Instagram

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Step 3

Participate in campaigns

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What campaigns can I participate in?

Fire 55%
£10 £13
Black Friday Ozon Travel
Fire 60%
Going to school Yandex Market
Fire 60%
Bye bye, packaging Tinkoff
Fire 60%
Journey for gifts Home Credit Bank
Youth Tariff SBER Prime
£6 per referral
Audible CPA
£1 per sign up
Graze CPA
8% on orders
Shein CPA
£2.5 per trial
Amazon Prime CPA
£20 on new plans

Take part in crowd-promotion campaigns! You can immediately see the predetermined rewards and receive your reward within 24 hours after the publication of content.

Interract and engage with your audience with bright, interactive and catchy masks.


Why Manifest?

Instant payments Receive your payment within 24 hours with a wide choice of withdrawal methods.
Catchy masks Unique and creative formats to catch your audience’s attention.
Fast It takes no longer than 5 minutes to do a collaboration. No more lengthy approvals.

Learn how to optimise your social media and how to create engaging content with us!

How to make Reels that go viral?
An overview of all main trends for 2022
How to prepare for creating promotional content?
Latest Tik-Tok trends
How to encourage followers to save your publications?

Manifest helps you develop your social profile to increase your rewards along with the growth of the number of followers.

You will find useful materials that will help you improve the quality of your content and increase the number of followers.

They’ve grown with us:

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Manifest Q&A

How does the application work?
Firstly, you need to download the app and register on it by connecting your Instagram account (it is absolutely safe because you do so through Instagram and we actually don’t get to see your password). Then, choose a campaign that you are interested in and take part in it.
What determines the payouts in the application?
Payouts depend on your popularity. Our algorithms take into account reach, engagement (likes, comments, saves, reposts), quality of publications, frequency of publications, as well as the quality of your audience. We advise you to be active, post original and inspiring content that resonates with your audience and the web. Engage with your audience, be creative and your payouts will increase.
What is the "Actions" tab?
"Actions" are CPA (cost per action) campaigns where you get rewarded for the target action that your followers have to complete, such as placing an order, downloading the application or something similar. In campaigns for "Actions", you do not receive rewards immediately, but after a certain period specified in the campaign rules.
What withdrawal methods can I use to collect the rewards?
At the moment, you can withdraw your rewards with QIWI and Paypal wallets.
Why are non-personal account payouts several times lower than personal accounts?
The brands that we partner with prefer and are prepared to offer higher rewards to accounts with real people.
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