Become a MNFST Partner and earn up to $5000 a month
If you love a brand and know a relevant person there, please connect us. 5% of active campaign budget will be sent to your bank account monthly.
Introduce us


Compose a letter about MNFST

Describe your vision or use the


Mention $500 credit towards campaign

MNFST helps with Campaign creation


Keep our e-mail cc’d all the time

CC helps us to verify you as a referral


You earn while brand’s campaign is live

You get up to 5% of campaigns budget on your bank account. Paid monthly.

Top questions from Partners
Who might be interested to run campaigns with MNFST?

MFNST helps to build community around brand and make social media promotion for brands cheaper and more effective. So if you see that brand has ads in Social Networks or have very active Instagram account it surely will be interested to hear about MNFST. It is literally all brands in style, fashion, banking, telecoms and other consumer services.

What should I say to a brand?

You can use the suggested text as a starting point and modify it in order to tailor for brands needs.

Please also make familiar with our offer for brands in the presentation and our website for brands

Can I use other means, besides e-mail to invite a brand?

You can do an initial talk to a brand in other channels, like personal talk or Instagram, but in order to verify that it was you who brought us to a brand, please send an email. Please note, that we might already had negotiations with the brand you tried to engage. If so, we can’t count you as partner for this particular brand.

How I get paid?

MNFST pays you for active campaigns run by your referral Brand. We pay 5% from campaigns budget spent. Considering that most of campaigns starts at $10,000 you may earn a lot.

Before the start of the campaign we sign a contract with you and pay monthly on any bank account of your wish.